Sunday, November 23, 2008


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Oh ma goodness, I think I know how Angelina Jolie feels. I met a reporter at Panera bread about a month ago. She said she wanted to do a story on my work. Yay! All was well until she said the dreaded sentance......"A photographer will be coming to shoot shoot shoot you....shoot you."

Like any photographer I know...I am rather camera shy. There is a reason we stay behind the lense.

So, the weeks dragged on...and about a week and a half ago a guy emailed me saying he needed to get with me for the article. *sigh* I was ALMOST hoping they'd forget that part. Alas...they did not. We arranged for him to meet at my house a few nights later...he didn't forget to do that either. When he finally pulled up into the driveway, I kind of floundered about for a bit...seeing if he wanted to walk down tot he park for some shots, head inside....stand in the driveway somemore. I am used to being able to tell a model what to do. In this case, I was the model and had no idea what to tell myself. *sigh....again*

He eventually just said he needed to shoot me in a way that showed that I was a photographer. So, I stood with my camera over my shoulder and stared down the barrel of his lense. Very nerve wracking...I must say. Everything like the feeling of being shot.

It all ended pretty quickly and he left.

Long story short...the article came out this morning!! It is fabulous!! The picture is awesome!!! I am very proud of it all. :)

Check it out in the Potomac News Messenger. I am headlining the "Your Life" section.

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***The image above is not me....just an image I have taken. :)


Georgie B said...

Hi stranger!

Would it possible for you to expand the link that you posted about the story?

The website isn't quite that user friendly.

Serena said...

Congrats! I haven't had a chance to pick up the paper yet but hope it's still around when I get to it!

Georgie B said...

Just curious.

Is everything okay?

Or have you given up on blogging?

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