Friday, October 17, 2008

Belly Flop Fridays...You forgot didn't you!!

I think I am looking forward to Fridays more and more. I ran across this video today and thought I would share. :)

It's a banned commercial...sounds like it might be from Sweden? Not sure though.


Pink Is Neat said...

It says this video is no longer available.

Way to get my hopes up, Terra!!!

the JCU effect said...

Hehehe I love it!

I don't know why Allie couldn't see it. I could!

Georgie B said...

I remember seeing this video on a compilation of best t.v. commercials.

On network television.

Suffice to say, it would be considered offensive in the States. But only the states.

Pink Is Neat said...

hahaha it worked now. I've seen it before. HILARIOUS.

Rachel Burton said...

I love that commercial! So fun to see it again. And yes, it exacerbates all my parenting fears. :)

Janet said...

The kid was screaming in French for what it's worth.

But kids don't behave like that if the parents don't tolerate it. I made sure my kids discovered from infancy that a temper tantrum made sure they didn't get their way. It was usually a fast trip to the crib. They gave it up as a tactic really, really quickly.

In other words, a little negative reinforcement works a lot better than a condom in preventing temper tantrums.