Monday, October 6, 2008

Cookies and Cheese

Playing on my iPod: "Summer of 69" by Bryan Adams

Mmmm....I'm baking (don't say "uh-oh" Conor!!). The recipe is called Double Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies. So, does that mean they are double double the chocolate? or just double the chocolate? ( why I don't bake.) Either way, they DO smell delish.

I am kind of going through writing withdraw right now. All of my work is on a little portable hard drive...but I have no computer to view it on. Very depressing. I am only two chapters from the end!!! Why, in the name of Stephen King.....why?

I am thinking about biting the bullet and just writing the rest based off of where I think I left off. I am just worried I will miss something (I've been following pretty hefty notes) or forget to tie up a loose end. I dunno...I think I only have four or five days to wait for my computer. Maybe I will just stick it out.

Ooooo!!! The cookies beeped!! Hold on......

Hmmm.....they look like they may have been a slight waste of time. They seem to be resembling bubbly Jabba the Huts.

Allie, if I ever ask...don't let me behind your bakery's counter. Just turn me away. I am much, much better at buying cookies than making them.

OH!! This little detour reminds me of something! It's Hop-Along Monday!!! Chess...chess it is. Today's phrase is being brought to you by Kraft Cheese. :)

Now, it's very normal for a human being to be surprised. Common phrases used during "said" surprise can range from "Holy S*it!!!" to the more comical "Holy Felony Batman!". One you don't hear often in the English lexicon, however, is "Goodnight Irene". Yes ladies and gentlemen, this is Conor's phrase of choice for surprising moments. You may join me now in a communal headshake.

I'm not really sure what "Goodnight Irene" means. Does it mean that the event was so flabbergasting that you just have to call it a day and hit the sack? Could it possibly be a substitution for a more foul phrase? We may never know. Only the Conor may know for sure.'s an interesting ponder for the evening...albeit one that won't last long.

That said.....Goodnight!!

P.S. I forgot to take the cookies out of the oven (I decided to let the gooey blobs cook longer) and now they are hard cracked turds. One day I will be a least the kitchen.


the JCU effect said...

And this is why we fail when we bake together, and why I succeed when I don't bake with you.

And yes, the world may never know what I actually mean by "Goodnight Irene." :-

Pink Is Neat said...

Terra, let me make the cookies next time.

how about at my bakery, you be in charge of taking pictures of it for my website? Also, I could name my double double chocolate chip cookie after you.

Terra Chandler said...

So help me Allie, if you call it the Double Double Terra Turd.....I will sabotage your kitchen in a heartbeat.

Terra Chandler said...

I swear Conor, I am jinxed in the kitchen!! I get all excited cuz it smells good...and then bam...Jabbas in the oven. It makes no sense. I checked, and I don't think I left anything out!!

Rachel Burton said...

I had to send my computer away for a week for maintenance. Longest week ever. And now I'm craving chocolate chip cookies (not that it takes much).

And my dad says "Garden seeds!" when he's shocked/suprised. I'm not sure I've heard it from anyone else!

Georgie B said...

Don't consider not having a computer a hiatus, think of it as exploring new ways to write.

Last year, my old Dell bit the dust and went off to computer heaven.

I was computerless for about two weeks, so I did all of my writing by hand (12 pages worth). Even though I have certain limitations when it comes to my hands, it was the best time that I had.

Summertime, sitting on my back porch, enjoying the weather and writing by hand. It don't get much better.

Maverick Mercury said...

never ever put nuts, especially peanuts, in your cookies.

good luck with your book..