Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Destroying the Universe and Taco Bell

Playing on iTunes: "Bagman's Gambit" by The Decembrists

Hark, what is that I hear? iTunes? It is! It is! That must mean I have my computer back!! :) That's right ladies and gentlemen...I have my computer back and it officially stays on longer than 10 seconds at a time. *sigh* sweet technology.

Alright...I have a question. I was at Taco Bell this evening, which never tastes as good as it sounds...and noticed their new dollar menu. It's called "Why Pay More!". This sign drives me nuts, as it's seems like they should be asking me a question instead of shouting at me! Why doesn't it say "Why Pay More?". Am I not understanding the punctuation? Are they really correct and I'm just a confused English major? I just don't see how this is not a question....and it kind of drives me nuts. THEY HAVE IT PLASTERED EVERYWHERE!!!!!

Alright...that is enough of the Bell. But if you have any answers...please share. I don't know if I am going to be able to sleep tonight. (And no...it isn't the beans.)

Moving on....

Since I have my computer back....I am going to finish my book! :) I am going to write a bit tonight (after this debate is over) and all day tomorrow. My computer WILL remain working, and I WILL start editing next week. EXCITEMENT ABOUND!!!

Oh! Not related to writing....I hate the people who invented the game "Spore" primarily because it does not work with the Powerbook G4's. Bastards. I was really looking forward to raising a cute alien and then destroying the universe. Damn.

This really was a depressing post. I think it's the politics on the tv. It doesn't depress me, it just changes the tone of my thoughts.

Oh!! I voted this week!! I won't get into politics...but I voted for Obama. If you want reasons...too bad. I have them (good one's too...not just Sarah Palin's SNL spoof's) and they are mine. I voted in person with a absentee ballot (I'm going to be in CA for the election). It was fun.

That is all.


Janna Qualman said...

Mmm. All I'm gonna say is, "Why not get one of everything on the dollar menu!"


Glad your computer's up and running again.

Serena said...

That's my girl. Glad you have my computer back. :-)

colbymarshall said...

And I won't get into politics either other than to say...good vote :)

and yeah, why is taco bell screaming at you? Do they think all their customers have hearing issues? lol

Terra Chandler said...

Oh Janna....you and your humor. The only difference between your statement and the Bell's....IS YOURS ISN'T PLASTERED EVERYWHERE?????

*snicker* Ok...that was kinda fun. For the rest of the week, I think I will substitute my question marks for exclamation points. See who gets annoyed. lol.

Terra Chandler said...


MY computer!! Mine!!

Terra Chandler said...


Next time I go through the drive through I am going to shout my ordered as if each sentence were followed by an exclamation point.

"I'll have a taco!! Yes I need mild sauce!!" I'll have to be careful, though, not to call them names. That usually comes with shouting. lol.

Rachel Burton said...

Ack! That's awful. I tried to make my brain say it as a non-question and failed entirely!

Georgie B said...

This is a depressing post?

This sounds positively upbeat.

Glad you got your 'puter back. Hope you took some notes so that you can finish the rest of your novel.

Terra Chandler said...

Rachel, I think I may boycott Taco Bell just b/c of the headaches they've induced. That, or I may just show up after closing with a sharpee. :)

Terra Chandler said...

Hey Georgie, all of my notes are still in tact. :) I can write with no confusion to my little hearts content.

Pink Ink said...

Yeah, that ! doesn't seem to make any sense. Guess they must think it grabs attention :-)

My laptop is starting to do funky things. If it went ka-put, don't know what I'd do. So good for you, yours is going again.

Good luck with finishing and the edits. You're almost there! Woo-hoo!!

hana said...

your Taco Bell observation is hilarious! you're right...why yell it out?

i got my absentee ballot yesterday. *shaking fist @ McCain* everyone should vote!!