Friday, October 17, 2008


Playing in iTunes: "99 Luftballons" by Nena

I don't know how many of you guys actually read the Georgia Nicholson series but I am so stoked about the news posted on the author's website!!!

A movie of the first novel (Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging) is being made! w00t!!!! I am so incredibly excited. It's being directed by Gurinder Chadha who also directed "Bend it Like Beckham"...which is, incidentally, fabulous movie!!

The series is for teens (girls primarily). It is written from the p.o.v. of a fourteen year old girl who hilariously recounts almost every minute of her day with her friends and the guys she loves (i.e. the "sex gods"). excited.


Serena said...

I haven't read the books, but the accents are nice. Haha.

Oh, btw, your iTunes song is the one Lorelai was listening to when she was in labor with Rory. Just sayin'.

colbymarshall said...

There was a guy I crushed on when I was a pre-teen who I called the "sungod"...interesting.

Pink Ink said...

I read her blog. She's funny. What a character!