Monday, October 13, 2008

No more Peaks and Hop Along Monday!!

Playing on iTunes: "Whatever Lola Wants" by Ella Fitzgerald

It's that time again!! (No not THAT time!! Gees...gutter head.) Hop Along Monday!! Today's phrase is, to me, just disgusting. What do you, the average Joe, say whenever if a frustrating glitch "rears its ugly head" during your day? Prime examples might include "Damn" or even "Dang it". Nope....Conor's phrase of choice ladies and gentlemen? "Crap-O'Matic Bubble". And I am so not kidding!! To me (and cover your ears if you are easily disgusted), the words crap and bubble in the same sentence evoke an image of....uh....well...I really don't wanna say because I'm easily disgusted as well. Blech!

Here's the scenario (completely fictional of course ;): Conor and I are driving towards his parent's house, discussing the evening's dinner, when all of the sudden "Egads!" his phone rings!! It is a text.

"Can you pick up some canned corn at grocery store?" The text is from his mother, but we are already two blocks from their house.


"Crap-O'Matic-Bubble," he says, staring down at the message.


To me, this just doesn't illustrate the emotion of this mildly frustrating event. Don't you guys worry, though...I think this may be his most disgusting crap it shouldn't get too much worse.

Two more chapters to go! Can I get a w00t?

I have a fabulous idea for the second book, which I will start on just as soon as I get finished editing the first. Although, this has recently becoming kind of an interesting debate within my own head. Shall I show you? Ok....take a peak in my brain, but just this once:

"...I am so writing that second book but what if none of the agents think it's saleable and I never even get a good response from an agent should I just start on the second book anyways or maybe I should start working on another book THAT ONE FOR ADULTS maybe it will sell better but then what if the agent does like the first Izzy book and I haven't even started on the second one will she not want to represent me thinking I might not finish and what if I...."

OK.....DONE! No more peaks for you.


Rachel Burton said...

Those are my second book thoughts exactly. I have three ideas bouncing around right now, and I can't decide the best one! To sequel? What if everyone ahtes the first one? To not sequel? What if everyone loves the first one? Do nothing and see if I can get an agent with this one? What if potential agents think I'm lazy?

Terra Chandler said...

Ah!! I am not the only one!! lol. Actually, I kind of figured this was a common thought with writers...but it is nice to hear it. I wish us both a lot of luck with our decisions and will keep my toes crossed for our success. :)

Serena said...

I think you have to follow your gut. If you have that second story in you needing to be told, then you should write it.

Briony said...

If it makes you feel better, I am worried about the second book and I haven't even come close to finishing the first one yet.

We can do it! :shakes pompoms:

Georgie B said...

Look at this way: if you have a second book already in the works or in fact completed, it can only help you in the long run when you're doing a search and destroy for an agent.

To have other stuff in the pipeline completed, is a major plus.

If it makes you feel better, I'm worried about my third book.

Pink Ink said...

Woot!! :-)

If a publisher picks up your first book with series potential, your second one might have to change. You can always prep a synopsis, though, to be ready. Just a thought.

I am always playing a guessing game as far as what ms to work on, like you!

Terra Chandler said...

I got a w00t!!! :) Thanks pink!!

Actually, what you say makes perfect sense. I may just go on ahead and start on the other book and write a synopsis for the sequal to the one I am working on. Then, if the agent is interested in the first, I can give her the idea for the second (at the right time of course).


colbymarshall said...

Hmm...this is tough because I have the same thought about one book...I ended up not writing a sequel because of this very concern and it's kind of a good thing, because no one liked the first one. But...that said, go with your gut!

hana said...

w00t! :)