Wednesday, October 29, 2008

General SHOW of...err...prizes?

Playing on iTunes: "The Phrase" by Nicholas Megalis

I know I have been shirking my duties as blog hostess, BUT I AM ON VACATION(S)!!! Give me a break! *sigh* Just stop yelling at me in my hurts.

Let's see....what have I been doing? We pardy-hardied (and oddly enough...I thoroughly enjoyed myself!!) on Saturday. We slept and did not much of anything on Sunday. On Monday, we drove to my beloved Santa Barbara and I held Allie hostage in the car while I showed her things like where I bought my groceries when I lived there. We also managed to get lost in the mountains on purpose...sort of. Nice.

Yesterday was brilliant. We found a fabulous store that sold a bunch of robot and other adult artistic toys (get your mind out of the gutter). It was called Wacko, and we spent a good majority of our day there. I spent about $50 on toys. I feel like I may be bringing the economy back to normality one robot at a time. After Wacko, we pretty much came home and got ready to go to a show. Let me just tell you Nicholas Megalis is awesome!! If you haven't heard of him (and you most likely haven't...he's new) you should run over to his myspace and have a listen. The show was at the Knitting Factory. He was a great performer with an absolutely gorgeous (and fun) voice. I own the cd. I shall listen to it again today.

Today.....drum roll please.....THE BONNIE HUNT SHOW!!! I would be lying if I said that I watch her show everyday and am so excited I might pee myself. I am super super excited....but I don't think I have ever seen her show a day in my life. I hope she hands out free stuff. We ended up with VIP tickets b/c the friend that hooked us up has friend on Bonnie's staff. Again, I say "nice....".

Serena, I promise, promise, promise I will tell you all about my wonderful break in the photog business, but I need to iron everything out and make sure it even has a chance of coming together first. I may be working it out tomorrow. I will write a blog specifically dedicated to you. :)

Right then, I am off. I will be sure to start blogging on my editing process just as soon as I start it. Like I said.....vacay....

Must go put my face on! Ta-ta.

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Pink Is Neat said...

Terra Chandler, stop having fun in Santa Barbara and PUT UP A NEW BLOG!!!

Or, you could just come home already :-)

I miss Phyllis. And our unnamed car. And Fresh & Easy, 90042.