Saturday, September 20, 2008

Bastard Friends

Playing in iTunes: "Creationist" by Kerli

This write-in is only halfway working!!! How can I be expected to write five whole chapters when being tempted with french horns and burgers!!??? How, I ask???!!!

(I have made it to Chapter 13, though. Two more to meet my goal of 15 by tomorrow!!)

In up news, I have, most definitely, made my way, way way past the point of writer's block. Chapter ten looks a bit like the toilet paper roll if left to my Bichon, but that is for edits at a later time. :)


Serena said...

15 chapters?! Holy mother that's great. I'm not sure I'll ever have that much to say.

Terra Chandler said...

*blushes* I'm really proud of maself. I will probably be done (21 chapters) by this weekend...and then I am going to edit...and then i am going to become famous. :)