Monday, September 15, 2008

Every Word Counts...and I'm pissed off.

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When I first got the idea for this book months ago I had a few really really really great scenes in my head that I just wanted to get on paper. I hadn't considered all of the scenes in between the juicy ones. It is a well known fact, that a five chapter book is hard to publish. So...I have spent the last month really fleshing out the action and getting the characters to come alive (amidst blowing things up and some really great romance scenes). I think it is coming along nicely, if I do say so myself....and I do. Although, I did run into a tough spot this week. Izzy was a janitor's closet, and I had no idea how to get her out. Fear not....she escaped. But it was close. It took a couple of days writing that scene to really pull her through.

That actually brings me to my writing style. I was reading a post from a fellow writer today in which he said "If you can't write everyday, then you don't want to be a writer." Now, that comment made me pissed. I mean, who is to say that we should write exactly like each other. Some writers take years to get one book out!! I write almost everyday because I have the time, and quite frankly, I feel terrible if I don't...but that doesn't mean Mary Jane isn't a writer because she can only fit in one hour a week!! (Sorry...tangent over.)

Since I write everyday, I have found that a lot of what comes out of my pen (fingers? since I type) is garbage. So, I have come to look at what I have written so far as the bare bones of the my book. I am only on chapter two editing wise but by the time the manuscript has been through twenty billion revisions, it will be nice and polished...I hope.

Anyways, join me next time where I more about whatever is bouncing around like a super bouncy ball in my brain.

"Nice alliteration, Terra!"
"Why thank you!"

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