Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sweet Debates

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Firstly: I have had some requests to read something of what I have been writing, so I thought I might give you a little snippet. Kinda scary for me actually. I already see what I want to re-write in the first paragraph. Oh well, feel free to tell me what you think....or say nothing at all. If it's a negative critique, lemme know!! It's been picked apart already, so not much you can say will piss me off. :) Enjoy! (or don't). OH!! Geocities is weird, so you have to click on the document to enlarge it.

Secondly: I had a brilliant time over at my good friend Allie's house last night. We made a party out of the debate between Obama and McCain, which turned into more of a comedy show than anything else. We began laughing at the different faces Obama made, which in turn made us cackle profusely at McCain's faces. Then, our laughter turned towards the food. Allie had made Backlava (it was to die for) and I kept trying to mess up the name, to which Serena decided it should be called Baracklava!! Well, being the fair non-partisan participant of the evening, I thought McCain should have his own dessert. Serena, being the comic she is, immediately thought up McCaingel Cake. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! It was so freakin' amusing!!!

On the actual debate (and in seriousness), I thought both senators made some great blows. McCain scored some points in talking about Obama's pork barrel spending and Obama scored points when he tied McCain into the Bush administration (only a million times!!). It was obvious that both performed pretty well, but neither was the clear winner. It will be interesting to see if the final debate gives one party or other the leverage they need to pull firmly ahead. I just can't believe the election is only a little over a month away!!

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Georgie B said...

Do you get deeper into the incident that's alluded to within the first few paragraphs?

Seems okay, but my attention started to wander while reading it. I'm sure it wasn't you, but simply the genre you're writing in. I'm not used to YA fiction, so it'll take some time for me to get used to.