Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Art of the Blog

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So, I have been flipping through other writer's and agent's blogs (Courtney Summers, Ally Carter, and Jennifer Lynn Barnes) and I've noticed a trend. There seems to be a certain writing style that is adopted soul-ly for the blog. I've read through my past posts and determined that I DO NOT have this je ne se qua. My blog comes out completely different than my writing....more like my actual thoughts which will, very shortly, start to get kind of scary if I don't start sleeping.

I dunno, maybe I need to look at blogging like writing a novel. Edit, edit, edit? My God!!!! Is there any online real estate without a spell checker?? *sigh* I am thinking perhaps I should go back and scrap the first blog....

(That is a joke, people.)

I guess it makes sense, though. You can still come off crazy, but it's best if you come off as a professional crazy. I am going to have to start a mental check list.

1. Crazy as a duck in a shooting gallery √
2. Professional √
3. Professional Crazy Ducky - On the "To Do" list.

Ah well. I'll figure it out eventually. On to more interesting things!!

I HAVE MADE IT TO SECOND BASE WITH IZZY!!!!! - or in more literal terms...the halfway point of the book. What makes it so interesting is that I haven't had any issues with writers block until now. I swear to God this is so frustrating!! I know exactly what needs to happen next, but am not sure how to get her there. *sigh...again*

I hope to have the tenth chapter done by tonight. The Eleventh Chapter is "Romance, Romance, Romance" - a working title. ;)

On a side note....for all of those readers (those I don't have yet) who are just gripping the edge of their seats to read my work, I am going to be looking for some Beta Readers. The editing should be finished around Christmas/January and I need some unbiased views on the work. Let me know if you might be interested!!

Until tomorrow...when I may be blogging a bit tipsy (wine tasting week).


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