Saturday, September 20, 2008


Playing on iTunes: "Where Is My Mind" by The Pixies

I am having a write-in!!! This book is going down in a blaze!!! I am halfway through and wondering how long it will take to get through the next eleven chapters. I think I can actually finish this week. It takes me an hour to write a half a chapter. So, between today and tomorrow, I bet I can get to chapter fifteen...and finish by Friday. EDITING HERE I COME!!!

On another note (still related to minds) I hate it when my subconscience talks to me. For instance, I am sitting in the bathtub with the incredibly scalding-hot water, trying to determine the solution to a problem my heroin has gotten herself into when EGADS!! I have solved it!!! Then, a little part of my brain which likes to play games says in echo "EGADS!! I THINK YOU'VE SOLVED IT!!" to which the larger part of my brain goes "YES!! I THINK I HAVE!! I...NO WAIT....I LOST IT!!! BRAIN! YOU BASTARD!!" *sigh* That, unfortunately, is an actual re-enactment of a scene from two days ago. I am still struggling with that chapter...

Like I said, though......THE BOOK IS GOING DOWN IN A BLAZE OF GLORY......THIS WEEK!!!!!

(Apparently, I have had an attack of the capital letters.)

Yours (annoyed) as usual,

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