Thursday, September 25, 2008

YA Signed Book Auction for a Great Cause

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Writer's Unboxed blogged today about a very worthy cause.The Brightspirit Relief Fund. It's probably best if you read about it on the website, but rest assured many of you WILL see yourselfs in this little girl. Be sure to flip through all of the wonderful signed books including Rick Riordan and Erin Hunter!!! There really are some magnificent items and they benefit a wide variety of causes!!

On an extremely exiting note....I'M GOING TO SANTA BARBARA, CA FOR ALMOST TWO WEEKS!!! Oh, home. I am going to cry and kiss the ground when I get there. I'm tellin' you guys, when I get the funds, do NOT be surprised when I pick and move back to the west coast. *sigh*
It is purely for vacation. I am going with a friend of mine and we are going wine tasting, burger eating (The Habit....oh yeah!!), and beach combing. :) I'm so cited!!!!**

Update on the book: I am on Chapter 17 still, since I didn't work last night. It's hard on Wednsdays with ANTM, Project Runway, Top Design, and Ghost Hunters!! Give a girl a breather, for God's sake!! So, I have to catch up today. After I stop procrastinating on my blog, I am going to get to work. It's a perfect rainy day for it. I still think it will be finished by Sat. It is just going to take a crap-ton of work.

**Yes Conor, I am fully aware that you are going to Florida.


Winifred Ruby said...

Ohhhh I love SB!!! I live in L.A. so I head up there once a month now, new passion. When are you heading up? (or over, or down) I wanted to go this wknd.

Terra Chandler said...

I'm not heading over (I am from DC) until the end of October. I am staying with my old college roommates, so I am pretty excited. I miss it sooooo much. Who can't help but love SB? I have spent a lot of time in LA to. Talk about night and day differences!!!

Georgie B said...

I'm sorry, did you say 17 chapters?

Not sound like a schmo (since I'm very new to your blog), but could you tell me a little big about this ongoing masterpiece of yours?

Or at least point me to the appropriate link?

(Sorry, this is how I ask questions in the chat room forums sometimes)

Serena said...

If you need objective readers....

Terra Chandler said...

I will definitely need objective readers, Serena...just as soon as I have it all put together. It is getting there, though.