Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Palin, Big News, Nobel and Cute Dog

I gotta new look. I gotta new look. I gotta new look hey hey hey hey.

I gave my blog a quick make-over in honor of Halloween. Tre fun...I must say.

I might as well give you a heads up on tomorrow's blog. It will be political....*sigh* Just a question, though. I am a little confused on a rumor going around about Palin and need you guys to chime in for clarification.

I am also going to talk about our dear friends on the Nobel committee.

And finally, I HAVE SOME BIG NEWS FOR THE BLOG!!! New Wed.'s are coming your way soon...and all you writers will be very excited. (I think.) (I am....but I am the blogger...so I don't know if I count.)

I feel lazy...telling you what I am GOING to blog about and not actually just writing it out now. I think these posts may take a bit of time, though....and my eyelids feel like they have been attached to small exorcise weights (you know...the small rubber kind you carry when you power walk). Anyways, off to catch some of those most-likely elusive zzzzzzzz's.

p.s. No, that is not my dog...I just thought he represented my current "fatigued" state. :)


Georgie B said...

Howdy do!

Got something for you to try if you so desire.

You've been tagged from Cedar's Mountain to tell 6 book related things about yourself--on your blog.

If you decide to participate in this game, drop a comment on Cedar's Mountain with a link so that readers will know to follow to your site. (You can see the rules there).

Pink Ink said...

I love it when people change blog looks, but all those widget changes, ay-yay-yay!