Monday, September 22, 2008

What's Your Dream Sequence?

Playing on iTunes: "Dream" by The Everly Brothers ( this song didn't come on randomly, but it fits!!!)

Yesterday I posted my perfect dream sequence of the publishing world. You know, which agent I wanted to call me, what THE CALL would sound like, what the advance would sound like....what the book would feel like....*sigh* I'm curious, what are your perfect dream publishing sequences!! If you've already had your book published, then I'm curious how your dream differed from your reality. Was your reality better than your dream, or was it a bit of a wake up call?

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Janet said...

I am trying very hard not to come up with a "dream sequence". I want to enjoy the reality of it as it is when it comes, instead of wishing it were otherwise.

Having said that, I can't help imagining that my two top choice agents will want me NOW and that I get to choose between them.

Terra Chandler said...

That makes sense, Janet. Live in the moment, right?

*sigh* No one can ever FULLY escape their dream. We have no control over our own minds!!!

Janna Qualman said...

First, I LOVE that photo. I've saved it and may use it as my avatar over on AW. Shh...

Hmm. I think my perfect scenario would be an agent e-mail, minutes after my query, that says, "Send me the whole thing!" She reads it in a matter of days... can't put it down... and calls me to sign right away!

I guess there's a reason it's called a "dream" ... ;)

Terra Chandler said...

I know!! Isn't it gorgeous!! I got it from another blogger who got it from another blogger. So, I couldn't credit the artist. I have no idea who the artist is!! *sigh* Gorgeous though.

And, oh yeah, your dream is definitely part of mine. lol. Isn't that what writers do, though? Dream? Kinda comes with the job description.