Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Books n' Stuff

Playing on iTunes: "Question" by Old 97's (This, btw, only the most romantic two minute song you will ever hear in your life!!)

I just finished a brilliant NF book that every writer should give a once over. "The First Five Pages" by Noah Lukeman tells you, not what you should do to get published, but exactly what you shouldn't do....and in order of importance!! It is, basically a detailed checklist of everything an author should avoid if he or she is seeking publication. I know, I know...you're going to say how there are tons of books out there who already do this. Let me tell you, though...Mr.Lukeman does it with flare!!! It was entertaining from beginning to end. I had to restrain myself from jumping from my lounging position to begin editing right away.

Honestly, I couldn't recommend this book any more!! It is brilliant and entertaining and most definitely got me motivated even more, to get in print. GO GET THIS BOOK, NOW!!!! You really won't regret it. Amazon let's you take a peak inside (follow the link in the first paragraph), and has used copies! Check it out.

*It should also be noted that everything he suggests writers do, should be applied to the entire manuscript and not just the first five pages. I don't think agents would be too; chapter pleased to find a magnificent partial....followed by a full manuscript in which the author can't seem to use the right "there" after chapter three.


Also you guys should check out the Debs for two reasons!!

1) They really do have some awesome posts. Check out their recent discussions on "THE CALL"!! Very inspiring, and funny in some cases!!

2) THEY ARE GIVING AWAY FREE STUFF!!! (Follow the link for the post.)


Rachel Burton said...

Hey - I wandered over from AW. I've been meaning to read that book! Enjoying your blog!

Terra Chandler said...

I really really think you'd like it!! It's a great read. Thanks for the compliment!! Feel free to stick around for a while!!

Georgie B said...

I found a book that was highly recommended to me from another blog, called, "Self-Editing for Fiction Writers".

Very informative with tips and writing exercises.

Terra Chandler said...

I'll have to check that one out Georgie. I still have a lot to learn in the self editing department.

Actually...I still have a lot to learn in general. :)

Serena said...

Interesting. Might have to check that one out.

Janna Qualman said...

A friend/writer - actually two, now that I think about it - have told me to read that book. Now this confirms it, and I shall!

And I'm so glad you stopped by my blog. Come back again sometime. I promise cookies.

But not really.

Terra Chandler said...

Man,Janna!! You got me all excited with the cookies!!! Now I have to go make them...cuz you got them stuck in my head.

Terri Tiffany said...

I love that book! I recommend it to every one:))

Marian said...

Hi, I'm from AW as well! {wave}

I called the local library and asked if they could put a copy of this book on hold for me. They said sure, but three other people had already asked for it.

Hope they're fast readers, is all I can say. I feel very antsy now. Must have book!